Soundslice: Adrian Holovaty’s way of making entrepreneurial music

By John Carpenter

Blue Sky Reporter

You might recall the bootstrap rallying cry of entrepreneur Adrian Holovaty. He had an off-beat message in early 2014, telling a roomful of big-money venture capitalists and entrepreneurs dreaming of billion-dollar IPOs that the startup heroes Chicago should celebrate are the little ones who aren’t necessarily trying to become the big ones.

He appears to be living by those words with his latest startup venture.

Holovaty, founder of EveryBlock, a hyperlocal news and discussion site now owned by Comcast, recently unveiled a new iteration of Soundslice, the digital music-education tool he founded in 2012.

The web platform allows users to listen to music as they watch moving musical notations. They can add a video component, which allows them to see how music is played. The newest version, launched in February, targets music teachers.

To read the rest of this story, published in the Chicago Tribune May 15, 2015, click here.

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