Gramovox Floating Record set for production as $1.6 million Kickstarter ends

By John Carpenter

Blue Sky Reporter

The books are closed on Gramovox’s $1.6 million Kickstarter campaign for its vertical record player, and CEO Pavan Bapu is determined not to become the next Central Standard Timing.

CST, another million-dollar Chicago Kickstarter campaign, failed to deliver all but a handful of its would-be “world’s thinnest watches” and is now out of cash.

Bapu said Gramovox has its ducks in a row, along with a West Chicago assembly partner ready to start cranking out the turntables to more than 4,200 Kickstarter backers and any others who want to order the device online. He said he expects to be able to deliver the turntables by December, as promised in the Kickstarter campaign.

To read the rest of this story, published in the Chicago Tribune July 29, 2015, click here.

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